The Chemistry of Odor and Odor Dection

The chemistry of odor and odor detection

In this presentation, odor will be described on a molecular level as it relates to the evolution of odor plumes and target detection. This will include the basics of odor development from an odor source into an odor plume.  Additionally, this presentation will discuss work performed to expand our understanding of the chemistry of odor profiles for canine detection.  Empirical evidence has suggested that the targets of interest may be detected by a canine as combination of volatile compounds associated with and unique to that target, rather than through direct detection of the target odor itself.  Elucidating these target odorants is important in improving canine training, and thus the efficiency and accuracy of working canines. This includes determination of target odorants for a variety of targets such as human scent (living and deceased) as well as explosive materials.

Authors: Lauryn E. DeGreeff, Kimberly Peranich